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Colin Powell 3268b08338
Add a dj fish function
11 hours ago
alacritty/.config/alacritty Update theme and font size for alacritty 3 days ago
bin/.bin Add parameters to script 1 week ago
chunkwm Smaller borders in #chunkwm 11 months ago
dunst/.config/dunst Update i3 config and rofi theme 2 months ago
emacs Add lsp mode back in, plus smog 3 days ago
fish/.config Add a dj fish function 11 hours ago
fonts/.fonts Move fonts out of .local 1 month ago
git Update some git stuffs and floating i3 windows 2 weeks ago
i3 Fix compton on the X1 carbon 1 week ago
jobber Update wallpaper download jobs to be idempotent 1 month ago
kitty/.config/kitty Clean up kitty 2 months ago
mail Add new afew filters 1 week ago
music/.ncmpcpp Update mpd to use janus for server 1 week ago
mutt Add mutt and vim rc files 7 months ago
neofetch/.config/neofetch Clean up neofetch a little 1 month ago
nethack Update nethack config #nethack 1 year ago
netrc Update netrc and authinfo files 2 months ago
polybar/.config/polybar New i3 shortcuts and polybar 2 months ago
proselint/.config/proselint Ignore annotations in #proselint 5 months ago
python Add some pylint ignore stuffs #pylint 5 months ago
qutebrowser/.config/qutebrowser Ignore reddit notifications in qute 3 days ago
radiotray-ng/.config/radiotray-ng Add Salut to radiotray bookmarks 6 months ago
rofi/.config/rofi Fix opening qutebrowser with search results in rofi 2 months ago
screenlayout/.screenlayout Update prometheus two screen config 1 week ago
ssh/.ssh Remove known hosts 1 week ago
systemd/.config/systemd/user Cleaning up systemd config files 1 month ago
tmux Fix #tmux esc lag issue 4 months ago
tridactyl/.config/tridactyl Bunch of i3 and rofi improvements 8 months ago
vim Remove funky \v in the #vim searching 6 months ago
x Start syncthing with i3 1 week ago
.gitignore Add error.log to gitignore 3 days ago